Our Mission

Truwl aims to make bioinformatics capabilities accessible to every scientist.


The capabilities of the scientific community to use computational methods to uncover insights into biology and disease from sequencing data have not kept pace with the ability to collect the data. The variety and complexity of computational tools creates a high barrier for non-specialists and as a result scientific insights can remain locked inside the data or create a lack of confidence in results. Truwl is changing this by providing a platform to share computational methods in a way that they can be found, evaluated, and used.


We believe the best way for science to move forward is through transparency, sharing knowledge, and providing researchers with tools that enhance their capabilities. For computational methods and analyses, written explanations just don’t cut it. On Truwl, computational methods and analyses are shared in a way that is accessible, complete, understandable, and ready to use. We aggregate resources around methods and enable users to share how they actually use methods in their research.

Who we work with

  • We work with individuals and small labs to share their methods with collaborators and the world.
  • We work with consortia to make methods for consistent data processing available to all members and enable outside researchers to use the same methods to produce comparable results.
  • We work with research organizations to make methods findable and accessible within the organization.
  • We work with sequencing based testing laboratories for bioinformatics workflow optimization, validation, and performance monitoring.


Truwl started out of frustration of trying to reimplement computational methods described in the literature for a cancer genomics project. After more than a month of combing through methods sections, reading software documentation, and downloading and trying programs, little actual progress was made. All this time felt like wasted effort as it was not focused on new science. We started Truwl to make the sharing of bioinformatics expertise and capabilities more complete, efficient, and accessible so researchers can spend more time on new science and less time reinventing the wheel.


Karl Sebby, PhD
President | Co-Founder
Joby Rudolph
CTO | Co-Founder
Tim Thompson
James Schnebly
Software Developer
C.J. Brown
Senior DevOps Engineer
Jeremy Leipzig, PhD
Content Lead
J. Seth Strattan
Senior Advisor
Ida Khodami
Senior Advisor
Mike Goguen
Investor | Board Member


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