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You know how to get the data -- now you can get answers from it. Truwl helps you get the insights from your data that drive innovation.

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We know what it feels like to get your data in hand then spend weeks, months, or longer trying to find and apply the right computational methods to make sense of it. With Truwl, you can finally ride the coat-tails of the experts that have gone before you and remove the 'Dev-Ops' from your job title so you can focus on your research.

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Your data is unique and holds unique insights. The right computational tools to expose those insights are out there. Truwl helps you find, understand, and apply those methods to reveal the insights hidden in your data.

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Easily Searchable

No more spending weeks digging through literature or deciphering methods sections. Find what you need by filtering on tags and users, or just using a search engine.

Established Methods

No more reinventing the wheel. Use established methods and start from documented use cases to get your analysis going fast.

Execute Anywhere

No more constraints. Most methods on Truwl are open source and we provide the files you need to execute those methods wherever you wish.  You can execute workflows on the cloud right from Truwl or get what you need to run analyses on your own system.

Compare metrics across jobs

No more digging through individual reports to compare metrics across runs. With Truwl's job comparison tools you can quickly benchmark variant call files and see workflow metrics across jobs to understand the effects of parameter choices, identify reproducibility issues, and ensure that your genomic assays are working consistently across operators, labs, and time.

Start & Stay at the Cutting Edge

With Truwl, you can skip the hold-ups by leveraging the most advanced computational methods so you can advance your science in ways that were simply not possible before.

Harness The Power Of The Community

Research moves faster and is higher quality when we work together. Truwl helps you to work with the whole genomics community.

Remove the Bottleneck

Truwl helps you eliminate the analytical bottleneck holding you back, so you can focus on your research instead of wrestling with the nuts and bolts computing details.

Get Feedback

There's always room for improvement and mistakes happen to everyone. With Truwl, you can receive feedback and improve your research before you publish in a journal or even before you run the analysis.

Stay Relevant

Wondering if the method you just read is still considered best practice? With Truwl you can be sure you’re always using up-to-date methods for your analyses.


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