Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Truwl come from?

Truwl (rhymes with tool) initially came about as a blend of the names Trumble and Owl which are a couple of creek and road names in Northwest Montana. We liked that that it had "true" in it as we wanted to help life scientists discover true insights from their data and 'wl' helps to pay tribute to the workflow languages that help computational research be more sharable and reproducible. Importantly, the domain name was available and we had a bit of an idealogical stance against paying domain name campers.

Why should I put my methods on Truwl?

Truwl aims to maximize the availability and impact of your methods and provides a home for your methods that is findable by search engines, allows users to share how they're using it, builds community around methods, and aggregates method resources including documentation, containers, workflow language wrappers, and more. Workflows written in WDL can also be directly executed from the platform. Owners of workflows that are runnable on Truwl get access to a Workflow Owner Dashboard that allows them to track usage of their workflows. The value of getting your methods on Truwl will increase over time as we build community, add content, and add features.

How do I get my methods on Truwl?

To get your methods on Truwl you can make a pull request to the capanno repository on GitHub that we use managing content on the site. capanno has a companion tool called capanno-utils for generating, validating, and managing the content in the public capanno repo and private repositories. Please view the documentation in those repositories. Once your method is in capanno and validated we will load it onto Truwl and if you have a Truwl account, we'll make you the owner of the the method on the platform.

What workflow languages do you support?

We support running the Workflow Description Language (WDL). For tools we also display WDL, common workflow language (CWL), Nextflow, and Snakemake wrappers on the tool description pages. These are not executable from Truwl, but you can easily copy them from the site to use on your own. We are exploring supporting execution of workflows and tools described in these other workflow languages.