How Truwl Powers your Bioinformatics

Access ready to use trusted workflows from GATK, BioWDL, ENCODE, and more. Don’t see a workflow you? Request it or add your own.

Get Started

Scalable Genomic Analysis in the Cloud

Launch and monitor workflows from our easy-to-use web interface. Start from scratch or populate inputs and parameters from an example use-case.

Get Started

Launch jobs on the cloud

Scale your analysis to any size with the power of Truwl’s ready-to-go custom infrastructure on the cloud with the click of a button.

Follow job progress

Monitor compute jobs as they’re running and see printout of errors without digging into log files.

Easy access to results

View reports and download primary outputs directly from job results pages or find all the files you need directly in outputs buckets.

Track specified metrics across jobs

Opening individual reports and files to compare metrics for QC and workflow validation is time consuming and error-prone. Use Truwl’s Performance Metrics comparison dashboard to easily compare specified values across workflow runs.

Complete records analyses

Truwl ensures reproducibility and traceability with complete records of every compute job.

Secure and flexible data storage

Take advantage of Truwl-managed data storage with all the security of Google Cloud Platform, or keep data on your own cloud account.

Manage your costs

See cost estimates for each workflow and the exact cost of each job you run.

Avoid vendor lock-in

We don’t use custom workflow languages that only works on our platform. If you or your collaborators want to execute the same methods on another system, you can.

Separate access to methods and data

Some platforms lock workflows and data behind the same account and paywall barriers. Give broad access to methods while maintaining tight control of data.


Customized Data Security

Whether you're working with sensitive data that can't leave your cloud environment, or public data that needs a home in the cloud, we can help create a customized solution for you.

Does data processing need to remain in your cloud environment?

Truwl uses best practice data security to run workflows on the Google Cloud Platform. Contact us if you need data to remain in your own cloud environment (including AWS, Azure, and GCP) or own servers.