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It's difficult to extract meaning from data, but you've developed a tool or workflow that makes it easier.  By publishing on Truwl, your methods will finally get the attention they deserve and get into the hands of the other researchers that need them.

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You worked hard on your methods and want them to get found and used. Content on Truwl is optimized for search engines, accessible without an account, and grouped with other bioinformatics tools,  so others can access your methods without barriers.

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Understanding, installing, and using bioinformatics tools is not for the feint of heart. Make it easier by gathering usage examples, documentation, docker containers, workflow language wrappers and more in one findable place. We'll also help you make your methods runnable on the cloud right from Truwl.

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On Truwl, developers and maintainers are the owners of their content. When you own a tool on Truwl, you can track the impact of your methods from your ownership panel.

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You don’t just want a career -- you want your work to truly make a difference. Leave behind a legacy by making your methods accessible to all.


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