Truwl enables your projects with powerful and accessible bioinformatics

You know how to get the data -- now you can get answers from it.

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Gaining insights from your genomics data starts here

Avoid wasting time and resources building and maintaining compute infrastructure. Leverage Truwl’s prebuilt analysis platform to skip the setup and provide your team with the capabilities to analyze data now.

Truwl for collaborative projects

Genomics projects today require coordination and collaboration across many stakeholders with different skill-sets in different places. Truwl enables your whole team to access and use your standardized data processing workflows.

Truwl for clinical labs

Truwl provides an entire suite of tools for NGS bioinformatics workflow optimization, validation, and performance monitoring. Validate your assays and make sure you continue to deliver the highest quality results to patients with Truwl.

Truwl for instrument and assay companies

Access to bioinformatics expertise is a significant barrier for many life sciences professionals. Provide your customers easy access to computational methods to gain insights from your technology.

Truwl for your team

Work with us to get accessible bioinformatics into the hands of your team.

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