STAR genomeGenerate
Version: 2.5
Identifier: TL_8ab263_95.82



Runs genome indices generation job. Generates 15 files.

Input Files
  • hg38chr22.fasta

    hg38 reference sequences for chromosome 22. No alternate or unlocalized sequences are included. Comprised of sequences chr22, chr22_KI270731v1_random, chr22_KI270732v1_random, chr22_KI270733v1_random, chr22_KI270734v1_random, chr22_KI270735v1_random, chr22_KI270736v1_random, chr22_KI270737v1_random, chr22_KI270738v1_random, chr22_KI270739v1_random

  • ENCFF001RTP.fasta

    Ambion spike-in concentrations and subgroups for mix 1 and mix 2

  • mergedGTF.gtf

    GTF created by combining gencode annotations, gencode transcriptome annotations and spike-in fasta. File produced with GTF.awk.

  • ./

    Just specifies the directory to put output files. Likely empty.