picard picard CollectRrbsMetrics

picard CollectRrbsMetrics

Identifier: TL_e24fa5_00.c8


Collects metrics from reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (Rrbs) data. This tool uses reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (Rrbs) data to determine cytosine methylation status across all reads of a genomic DNA sequence. For a primer on bisulfite sequencing and cytosine methylation, please see the corresponding GATK Dictionary entry. Briefly, bisulfite reduction converts un-methylated cytosine (C) to uracil (U) bases. Methylated sites are not converted because they are resistant to bisulfite reduction. Subsequent to PCR amplification of the reaction products, bisulfite reduction manifests as [C -> T (+ strand) or G -> A (- strand)] base conversions. Thus, conversion rates can be calculated from the reads as follows: [CR = converted/(converted + unconverted)]. Since methylated cytosines are protected against Rrbs-mediated conversion, the methylation rate (MR) is as follows:[MR = unconverted/(converted + unconverted) = (1 - CR)]. The CpG CollectRrbsMetrics tool outputs three files including summary and detail metrics tables as well as a PDF file containing four graphs. These graphs are derived from the summary table and include a comparison of conversion rates for both CpG and non-CpG sites, the distribution of total numbers of CpG sites as a function of the CpG conversion rates, the distribution of CpG sites by the level of read coverage (depth), and the numbers of reads discarded resulting from either exceeding the mismatch rate or size (too short). The detailed metrics table includes the coordinates of all of the CpG sites for the experiment as well as the conversion rates observed for each site.


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