picard picard ConvertSequencingArtifactToOxoG

picard ConvertSequencingArtifactToOxoG

Identifier: TL_e24fa5_94.c8


Extract OxoG metrics from generalized artifacts metrics. This tool extracts 8-oxoguanine (OxoG) artifact metrics from the output of CollectSequencingArtifactsMetrics (a tool that provides detailed information on a variety of artifacts found in sequencing libraries) and converts them to the CollectOxoGMetrics tool's output format. This conveniently eliminates the need to run CollectOxoGMetrics if we already ran CollectSequencingArtifactsMetrics in our pipeline. See the documentation for CollectSequencingArtifactsMetrics and CollectOxoGMetrics for additional information on these tools. Note that only the base of the CollectSequencingArtifactsMetrics output file name is required for the (INPUT_BASE) parameter. For example, if the file name is artifact_metrics.txt.bait_bias_detail_metrics or artifact_metrics.txt.pre_adapter_detail_metrics, only the file name base 'artifact_metrics' is required on the command line for this parameter. An output file called 'artifact_metrics.oxog_metrics' will be generated automatically. Finally, to run this tool successfully, the REFERENCE_SEQUENCE must be provided.


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