samtools samtools fqidx

samtools fqidx

Identifier: TL_ec2a8d_a3.0b


samtools fqidx <ref.fastq> [region1 [...]] Index reference sequence in the FASTQ format or extract subsequence from indexed reference sequence. If no region is specified, fqidx will index the file and create <ref.fastq>.fai on the disk. If regions are specified, the subsequences will be retrieved and printed to stdout in the FASTQ format. The input file can be compressed in the BGZF format. samtools fqidx should only be used on fastq files with a small number of entries. Trying to use it on a file containing millions of short sequencing reads will produce an index that is almost as big as the original file, and searches using the index will be very slow and use a lot of memory.


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