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Identifier: TL_ec2a8d_65.0b

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samtools merge [-nur1f] [-h inh.sam] [-t tag] [-R reg] [-b list] out.bam in1.bam [in2.bam in3.bam ... inN.bam] Merge multiple sorted alignment files, producing a single sorted output file that contains all the input records and maintains the existing sort order. If -h is specified the @SQ headers of input files will be merged into the specified header, otherwise they will be merged into a composite header created from the input headers. If the @SQ headers differ in order this may require the output file to be re-sorted after merge. The ordering of the records in the input files must match the usage of the -n and -t command-line options. If they do not, the output order will be undefined. See sort for information about record ordering.


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