BioWDL RNA-seq pipeline

Identifier: WF_e82aa0.33


This workflow can be used to process RNA-seq data, starting from FastQ files. It will perform quality control (using FastQC and MultiQC), adapter clipping (using cutadapt), mapping (using STAR or HISAT2) and expression quantification an transcript assembly (using HTSeq-Count and Stringtie). Optionally variant calling (based on the GATK Best Practises) and lncRNA detection (using CPAT) can also be performed. This workflow is part of BioWDL developed by the SASC team at Leiden University Medical Center.

Job Costs*

Not enough data to estimate job costs for this workflow yet.

*Job cost examples are for estimates only. To get a more accurate idea of job costs, try running a single job before running many jobs.


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